30 Ideas for a 30-Day Challenge

Why do a 30-Day Challenge?

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A 30-Day Challenge is a great way to implement a new habit and to try new things. It’s just enough time to try something new and to see if the habit is worth sticking with. Keep reading for your own challenge inspiration!

What makes a successful 30-Day Challenge?

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We all have something we want to improve, or something we’ve had in the back of our minds to accomplish, yet these ideas never get past the stage of “yeah, that sounds good.” Ideally, a challenge or habit you take on should take less than an hour a day (ideally 10-15 minutes), especially if you have never done it before. It can be easy to get excited about something new the first couple of days and then loose interest or feel defeated. Starting out with extremes is natural to want to do, but that’s not what a 30-Day challenge is all about. In reality, it’s something you take on little by little, and eventually, it will become second nature.

Trying to quit something

No matter what you are trying to quit in 30 days, there has to be something to replace it, or else you fall back into old habits. Creating a positive and new habit will help channel your energy to something constructive.

What I learned from my 30-Day Challenge

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I’ve tried to do multiple 30-Day challenges. Some of them stuck and some didn’t, and that’s OK. Sometimes its more about mastering a skill from a month of doing it consistently. Lets face it, some things can come up and throw you off your groove. For me it was trying to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. I was confident in forming this habit until school assignments would bottleneck into one night, or I had a 4 am shift the next morning. Life can just get in the way, and its totally normal! What I did actually learn about trying to improve my habit was what I needed to do to fall asleep. For me, I needed to control how my mind got into sleep mode and work on forming habits to help my mind focus on sleep. Even now, though I may not have the luxury of 8 hours every night, I’m better at getting myself into the right state of mind. Furthermore pushing out distractions to fall asleep easier.

Do you have your own idea of what you want to achieve?

If so, great! Get started today!

If you still are pondering what you would like to do, here is a list of ideas you can use for inspiration:

  1. Doodle every day
  2. Read for at least 30 minutes every day
  3. Journal every day
  4. Exercise every day–this doesn’t mean you have to have an extreme workout every day. It could vary from cardio, to strength training, to yoga. 
  5. Devote time to your favorite hobby
  6. Don’t buy anything new
  7. Donate or toss one item every day
  8. Take a 30 minute walk
  9. Complete 30 minutes of yoga
  10. Meditate
  11. Set priorities for the day right after you wake up
  12. Stay away from negative news stories
  13. Avoid looking at social media
  14. Refrain from sugar
  15. Steer clear of caffeine
  16. Take one photo a day
  17. Learn a new word a day
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Learn how to lucid dream
  20. Work on improving skills relevant to your own skill set such as completing a professional certification that may help boost your career. A certification for a foreign language teacher, IT specialist, web developer, etc.
  21. Organize your digital files
  22. Create a morning routine
  23. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset
  24. Practice writing with the non dominant hand
  25. Learn to code
  26. Take on that project you’ve been meaning to tackle
  27. Declutter one small area in your space a day
  28. Drink more water than you usually would every day
  29. Quit a bad habit
  30. Go outside for 30 minutes

The key to a successful 30-Day challenge

The key to making a successful goal for yourself that you can take on for 30 days is to do something achievable. We all have something we want to improve (read more, get in shape, eat healthier, etc.), but we don’t achieve these by tackling it all at once.

Have you tried a 30-Day challenge? Let me know a little insight about your journey in the comments below! Was one challenge easier than the other? Did you make it to 30 days?

Happy habit forming!

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