5 Ways to boost your creativity

In a world of non-stop information and constant new ideas, staying creative can be a maddening goal.

Media sources like Pinterest and Instagram showcase an endless variety of ideas and projects. It’s hard to keep up, let alone keep up on your own creative outlets.

Especially, if you already have such a busy schedule, it can be hard to arrange time to boost artistic talents. Whether it’s balancing work, school, family, or getting that haircut you keep putting off, you need to make the time.

Throughout my life, I have learned that I need to make time to de-stress and work at my creative outlets to balance out responsibilities and self-care. Lately, however, there has been a decline in making time for creativity. Between the holiday season and house projects, there has been little to no time to further develop my creative skills.

So, I put together a list of ways that have helped me get the creative juices flowing:

1. Embracing failures.

It is hard to move past our failures, no matter how small. They are mental handicaps. We either keep around as an annoying reminder or bury them deep in the memory vault to slowly eat away at our mental health. If you have failed at something and the situation was out of your hands, it would be best to embrace that it was out of your control and move on. Or if you made some lousy decisions in the past, the only way you can move now is forward.

I have learned that you should never dwell on your failures, it will eventually eat away at you. Just remember that when you feel buried, the only thing to do is grow. Something new I have been trying this past month is to make a list of personal accomplishments. Anything from mental, physical, financial and beyond. I figured that instead of stressing about holding myself accountable for future objectives, I would focus on what I have accomplished this past year. Fear of failure will kill your creativity.

2. Get moving.

Just like our body’s muscles, our creativity can be thought of as a muscle. It needs to be used and developed to get stronger. Making it a point to go on a walk a few times a week can be a well-enough habit to form. Yet, there are many other ways you can get the blood pumping. I usually like to do some at-home exercises, going on a hike or bike ride. Though, the best way to burn some calories and have fun is going dancing with some friends!

3. Going outside.

This can tie into the previous point. Going outside for a walk regularly can be as healthy as it gets, but just stepping outside can have some benefits too. I have read that you should get at least 15 minutes of sun every day. I tried it for myself for a week last Winter and noticed a difference in my mood after soaking up that little bit of Vitamin D. I love hanging out in the sun for a little bit after being inside in what feels like an icebox. 

For days when the weather does not permit spending time outside, keeping house plants can do wonders for getting some extra oxygen in the air. I always remember having these plants in the house: Spider Plant or Devil’s Ivy. I think the Peace Lily would be the easiest house plant to take care of, and it is known for its oxygenating qualities!

Your environment can influence the way you think.

4. Do something out of your routine.

Usually, we have a routine in order to stay productive and keep order. I personally am still working on a routine that fits me. I constantly am adjusting and looking for ways to improve it. Sometimes, it changes for fear of getting in a rut, and I hate that feeling. English author Scarlett Thomas said, “routine kills creative thought.” However, maybe we need that routine to keep our lives organized, and only then can we give our minds a break to make room to be inspired again.  

5. Learn to rest.

This is something that is crucial. There may be endless amounts of errands, parties, study sessions and work projects, but you cant keep going forever without recharging. Eating and sleeping are two major staples to life that cannot be ignored. While we usually get reminded to eat with whale noises from our tummies, we tend to ignore the signs for sleep. This is especially true if you have a task that has a deadline. I am guilty of pushing back basic needs because I need to answer to my life’s duty’s like tests and work projects, but I must learn to give myself this time. 

Boosting creativity for sure takes effort and patience. If you are looking for a spark of inspiration from your creative genius and don’t see results, at least you showed up and did your part. Think of your creativity as a muscle. Newton’s first law of motion stated that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. In other words, use it or lose it!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post!

What do you do when you have exhausted your creativity?

What are things you do to boost your creativity levels?

Remember, creativity is a muscle. Use it or lose it!

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